Why do automotive dealers need Yana Used Vehicle?

Yana Used Vehicle streamlines the end-to-end process of a used vehicle sales cycle with extensive sales cycle visibility. By utilizing process automation in the used vehicle selling process, automotive dealers obtain comprehensive customer-centric data to deliver an exclusive customer experience.

Strengthen Operational Efficiency

Yana Used Vehicle furnishes a customizable, optimizable, and manageable end-to-end used vehicle sales cycle in one integrated platform. It facilitates the arrangement of showroom and store operations by leveraging process automation.


Elevate Data Integrity

By having the accessibility to multiple real-time data of all sales processes in a used vehicle sales cycle, automotive dealers obtain an extensive overview of the showroom and other store operations, which leads to great data accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Hassle-Free Inventory Management

This cost-effective and high accuracy of real-time inventory management can expedite laborious used vehicle data processing. With lesser human errors, automotive dealers can prevent extra operating expenditures and devastating consequences in dealership operations.

Foster Personalized Customer Journeys

By leveraging Yana Used Vehicle to configure superlative vehicle selling processes, access comprehensive used vehicle records, and perform price estimation, automotive dealers are competent to deliver a seamless, personalized customer journey in the used vehicle sales cycle across omnichannel touchpoints.


How can Yana Used Vehicle enhance productivity
and efficiency in the used vehicle sales cycle?

Yana Used Vehicle provides a user-friendly interface that enables automotive dealers to fully control an effective sales process, ensuring a smooth purchasing process of used vehicles, assessment, and selling process.

Used Vehicle Sales Cycle

  • Create potential customer lists
  • Customize cold call scripts
  • Create an assessment list
  • Price list management
  • Configure the commercial value
  • Calculate the assessed value
  • Create an assessment list
  • Price list management
  • Configure the commercial value
  • Calculate the assessed value
  • Create service instructions
  • Create service estimates
  • Create work orders
  • Create service receipts
  • Define vehicle classification by model, color, and transmission
  • Add various charges (e.g., accessory, miscellaneous, trade-in)
  • Add payment methods
  • Quick create an invoice by utilizing a price list
  • Create customer invoices
  • Define registration area
  • Add vehicle number plates
  • Add multiple payment methods (e.g. cash, credit card, eWallet, bank transfer)
  • Create invoices and receipts
  • Create automated follow-ups (e.g. SMS, email)

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