Revamping automotive retail operations with an online revenue model.

Why do automotive dealers need Yana E-Commerce?

By enabling seamless integration with any existing automotive retail systems, Yana E-Commerce empowers dealerships to have total control over an online buyer’s journey. Additionally, the advanced shopping components in Yana E-Commerce streamline automotive retail operations and secure online payment processing, eventually driving substantial revenue streams.

Practical Digital Operations Management

There are four essential components in supplying a customer-centric online shopping management system: spare parts department, sales, customers, and internal processes. Yana E-Commerce connects each digital touchpoint to reinforce personalized customer interactions, assuring better customer retention rates and Return on Investment (ROI).

Enhanced Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Strategy

With a laser focus on assembling diverse online shopping experiences, significantly in brand care, product discovery, and product buying, dealers can extend their customer lifecycle efficiently. Leveraging e-commerce Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) in the Yana E- Commerce module assures zero disruption of a retail digitalization journey.

Attainable Customer Intelligence (CI) Data

Customer data collection and study are vital in developing actionable insights for automotive businesses, primarily broadcasting timely promotional marketing activities on the e-commerce website. In this e-commerce module, dealers can expand customer data swiftly to understand customers’ purchase behavior changes through online user behavior analysis.

Seamless Customer Convenience

Customer convenience is the key to a profitable e-commerce revenue system. The seamless payment gateway integration in this e-commerce module assures flexible, secured digital payments. Ultimately, automotive retailers reduce business transaction costs of renting retail stores and establish a sustainable revenue model with 24/7 orders.

How Can Yana E-Commerce Reshape
Retail Customer Experience?

Yana E-Commerce inspires dealers to incorporate online sales channels into the parts department without any technical disturbance, generating new revenue streams for auto parts businesses. As a result, Yana's auto parts e-commerce platform enfolds core capabilities at five stages of the customer buying cycle, primarily browsing, ordering, transactions, loyalty, and customer service.

A Redefined E-Commerce Buyer's Journey

  • Facilitate the seamless exchange of customer data, customer insights, and customer buying behavior
  • Ease product search with advancing filtering features
  • Elevate inventory management with mass customization
  • Eliminate mistakes in orders, reorders, payments, and shipping processes
  • Simplify and digitalize complex order processing
  • Offer hassle-free payment processing
  • Compute, process, and report global taxes according to relevant country laws
  • Access to complete control of tax-related transactions
  • Enable remarketing products based on customer data and customer behavior
  • Enhance marketing and operations absorption rates
  • Cultivate essential digital skills, specifically in digital sales channels
  • Proffer rapid and effective customer service
  • Furnish customer insights to understand customer needs
  • Equip with CI data from the customer satisfaction analysis

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