An intelligent automotive solution for a robust business continuity plan

The global pandemic has heavily disrupted the automotive industry and caused unprecedented uncertainty, especially in meeting customer needs and customer satisfaction. These rapidly changing customer expectations lead to new challenges in the digital transformation journey. Customer expectations become the key to grow high-value customers through a connected automotive solution, which offers excellent mobility experiences, effective sales processes, and personalized customer journeys. 

Unfortunately, most automotive organizations strive to gain holistic visibility of customer journeys and operational processes with legacy systems during these challenging times. If you are one of them, we are here to offer you a handy customer-centric automotive solution to amplify operational efficiency and productivity. 

When do Automotive dealers Require Yana Automotive Solution in the dealerships?

Below is an elementary dealership health checklist to evaluate operational performance and productivity. To find out how Yana Automotive Solution can assist automotive businesses in a complimentary professional consultation with our experts, please spend a few minutes answering the following survey. 

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    Introducing 10 Success Modules with Our 5As’ Concept in Yana Automotive Solution to Accelerate Automotive Business Growth

    Yana Automotive Solution (Automotive Digital Sales & Service Retailing) is a robust, cloud-based automotive solution that caters to automotive business needs. This powerful ergonomic tool presents comprehensive Dealer Management System (DMS) enterprise modules which consist of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), mobility, customer insights, and Business Intelligence (BI). Our customer-centric automotive solution focuses on customer experience, customer satisfaction, and customer retention by extending the visibility of operational processes, customer journeys, and customer insights. 

    Actionable insights from real-time customer tracking accelerate informed business decision-making processes.
    Accessible customer data enables excellent customer experience and proactive sales strategies.
    Adaptable architecture in the automotive solution enables seamless integration with external applications, such as automotive retail systems.
    Analytical data enables automotive dealers to extend a great customer experience in the customer journey.
    Automatable processes promote operational efficiency in dealerships, ultimately magnify customer satisfaction.

    How can Yana Automotive Solution enhance work efficiency in each department?

    Empowering a customer-centric, intelligent Yana Automotive Solution in automotive services will eventually benefit automotive businesses to go above and beyond customer expectations, particularly during the economic recovery. Be the first mover and proactive dealer today! Click on the diagram to find out more.

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