Why do automotive dealers need Yana MySales?

Automotive dealers embrace intelligent sales management as the real driving force in a sales cycle to help salespeople deliver proactive customer care and grow their customer base. This cloud-based sales pipeline management supplies a robust sales enablement platform for salespeople to perform daily sales activities at a higher velocity.​

Predictive Sales Analytics

This sales pipeline management is fully integrated with Power BI dashboards to present predictive sales analytics and pragmatic insights. By having an extensive conception of user behavior in sales prospecting, salespeople are more competent in developing personalized approaches to onboard new customers.

Data-Driven Mobility

This cloud-based sales CRM equips with the ability to enforce proactive selling and achieve customer success at scale. By capitalizing on the seamless customer data and enabling coherence lead nurturing strategies in the sales pipeline management, salespeople can effortlessly transform massive opportunities into high-value customers.

Actionable Sales Insights

By practicing real-time tracking and monitoring in the sales funnel, sales personnel acquire a detailed interpretation of all sales obstacles and possibilities at different stages. They seize practical knowledge from actionable sales insights to redefine sales approaches for a shorter sales cycle.

How can Yana MySales magnify sales effectiveness
and sales team performance?

Yana MySales leverages smart daily task management, intelligent sales tracking, and monitoring management to enhance sales productivity.

Sales Cycle Effectiveness

  • Create and manage opportunities on mobile
  • Define lead sources, create lead records, and update lead statuses
  • Define lead scoring and segmentation by interested vehicle
  • Customize a sales performance dashboard based on different sales activities
  • Acquire useful information about sales leads, sales activities, and sales targets on mobile
  • Customize sales quotations based on vehicle models and accessories on mobile
  • Stay informed with the latest sales order statuses and follow up with customers promptly

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