Reshaping Automotive Customer Experiences

At Technosoft Automotive, we offer superior consultancy and automotive management services, supporting automotive businesses to progress further with practical customer insights and a new Digital Customer Experience (DCX) in the customer journey. Our automotive experts emphasize empathy in achieving business goals through the most advanced technologies with 5As' concept (Actionable, Accessible, Adaptable, Analytical, and Automatable). Before embarking on the digital transformation journey, we exercise the best business practices by conducting a holistic dealership management evaluation to understand your automotive business needs better, ultimately customizing a personalized automotive solution that suits your automotive business's future requirements.

Think Ahead, Stay Ahead & Drive Ahead

  • Automotive Expertise with Cutting-Edge Technologies ​

Our automotive experts assist in adding massive value to your automotive business based on their broad experience and automotive-specific knowledge in Dealer Management System (DMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation.

  • Efficient Implementation with Quality Assurance ​

Our team utilizes software deployment best practices at different implementation phases through strategic planning, deployment, and a unified delivery methodology within the Microsoft Ecosystem, assuring successful deployment with quality assurance. We present end-to-end support to secure smooth your daily business operations.

  • Proven Track Records with Customer Trust

We present successful implementation project delivery with proven track records, supporting a vast number of Yana Automotive Solution’s user subscriptions: 2.1K dealers, 234K combined users, 1.1M vehicle orders, and 4.4M repair orders. By gaining recognition from our clients and partners, we triumphantly build continuous trust and long-lasting partnerships in the automotive industry.6

  • Business Enablement with Proactive Customer Support

We extend proactive customer support by conducting periodic system health checks to mitigate risks and maximize performance in the digital transformation journey. Customer care is our utmost priority in automotive management services.

Professional Services Offerings

  • Solution Consulting

We furnish practical recommendations based on your personalized automotive solution, from architecture planning, post-deployment processes to comprehensive analysis. Our consultants constantly ensure excellent implementation within the agreed application capacities, timeline, and budget.

  • Training

Regardless of new or advanced DMS users, we will lead a training session to sharpen your knowledge and skills in leveraging Yana Automotive Solution for optimal business improvement.

With Our Automotive Management Services, you can expect to:

  • Minimize risks
  • Reduce software maintenance costs
  • Protect your investments
  • Maximize Returns on Investment (ROI)

The industry-leading solution provider

At Technosoft Automotive, proactive customer support goes beyond reactive problem-solving customer service. Our engineers regularly focus on security threats to ease business disruptions and warrant case escalation conditions. We acknowledge that these risks are critical to your automotive business. As a reliable global industry-leading solution provider, rest assured that we are always here to support you in defeating all complex business challenges, particularly amidst challenging times. 

You can choose Standard or Premier customer support to accelerate your goal achievement with a personalized automotive solution

Standard Support

  • Helpdesk​

Easy access to helpdesk support on weekdays, during office hours.

  • Online Support Resources
Gain online access to our Standard Support Resources at our support portal and knowledge base.

Premier Support

  • Account Management​
Our dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your single point of contact that identifies your business needs, achieves your business goals, responds to all your inquiries, and facilitates discussions in conjunction with different teams to solve your issues throughout the software implementation.
  • Proactive Services​
With expert planning and skills transfer services, we are here to smoothen your DMS journey and diminish your existing automotive management costs.
  • Premier Online Support​
You can always rely on us to obtain up-to-date automotive news in a broad range of fundamentals or advanced topics. By accessing our online resources, you acquire the latest technology and product insights.
  • Responsive Services​
You enjoy speedy and specific problem solutions anytime, anywhere with our exceptional customer service through phone or online support.

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