Why do automotive dealers need Yana MyVehicle?

With a flexible, adaptable, and scalable architecture, Yana MyVehicle is agile in enabling seamless integration with external automotive retail systems to extend Customer Experience Management (CEM) within all automotive services. Yana MyVehicle allows automotive dealers to impose an extraordinary mobility experience in the customer booking journey.​

The Irresistible Service Booking System

This intelligent booking system eases test drive and service appointment booking operations by focusing on process automation. The flexibility and accessibility features of this service booking system stimulate a high volume of customers.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Yana MyVehicle demonstrates its responsiveness in vehicle searches, price comparison, and seamless online payment gateway integration based on customer preferences and Customer Experience (CX). Automotive dealers utilize in-depth, actionable customer insights to pursue new sales through targeted promotional campaigns.

Magnify Service-Profit Chains

Through Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and real-time customer journey analytics, automotive dealers gain a deep understanding of vehicle buying experiences. These constructive customer insights are valuable in providing customers with high-value services to amplify customer loyalty and conversions.

How can Yana MyVehicle enhance mobility experience
in the customer booking journey?

Yana MyVehicle enables vehicle owners to manage their service reservations, sales quotations, and test drive appointments at their convenience through a new mobility experience. With Yana MyVehicle, automotive dealers are capable of extending proactive customer care for greater customer satisfaction.

The Car User Experience (CX)

  • Allow customers to access all workshop locations & contact details
  • Add Google maps to workshop directions
  • Customers can make a service booking by vehicle model, date, time, and service type
  • Customers can view the summary of a service booking, including estimated hours and price
  • Customers will get a booking confirmation code
  • Customers can access the vehicle service catalog
  • Customers can access price lists and vehicle specifications
  • Customers can create Request for Quotations (RFQs)
  • Yana MyVehicle will receive an RFQ
  • Customers can browse all available vehicles for test drives
  • Customers can make a test drive booking by vehicle model, date, and time

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