Why do automotive dealers need Yana Marketing?

This automotive CRM provides a user-friendly interface with a broad range of marketing capabilities in designing automotive marketing campaigns, generating post-campaign reports, and automating nurturing strategies. The feasibility of tracking user behavior and extracting marketing insights elevates customer conversions.​

Powerful Lead Nurturing Automation

By automating multi-level lead nurturing strategies, marketers can launch multiple personalized marketing campaigns across omnichannel touchpoints based on customer segmentation. The proficiency of marketing automation in the lead nurturing strategy stimulates higher customer engagement rates.

Impose Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Customer lifecycle marketing is indispensable in nurturing prospects and existing clients towards adoption, expansion, and retentions. Marketers leverage the functional lead management in Yana Marketing to capture a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior at different marketing funnel stages.

Optimal Customer Experience Calibration

To align with the digital transformation direction, marketers can personalize a different customer experience in every customer journey by identifying customer preferences and consumer buying behavior through trackable digital marketing campaigns. The customizable and shareable performance dashboards facilitate coherent strategy implementation in dealerships.

Maximize Marketing Efficiency

This intelligent automotive CRM expedites the marketing campaign creation and campaign reporting process by presenting the easiest way to track, measure, and analyze customer behavior in all digital marketing campaigns. Yana Marketing furnishes a comprehensive range of automotive CRM capabilities and task-oriented design tools to elevate marketing efficiency.

How can Yana Marketing
boost marketing efficiency?

Yana Marketing offers a user-friendly interface for marketing personnel to perform a wide range of marketing activities and access real-time marketing analytics with practical recommendations.

Marketing Capabilities

  • Access to actionable market insights through built-in AI capabilities
  • Customize daily marketing reports and real-time dashboards
  • Generate reports for each marketing activity such as landing pages, email campaigns, and lead generation campaigns
  • Create personalized customer journeys for marketing, sales, service, and customer service
  • Plan, customize and automate actions for each customer journey
  • Design and create landing pages and subscription pages with drag-and-drop features
  • Access to free templates for creating high-converting landing pages and newsletters
  • Automate campaign response actions for each marketing activity
  • Monitor and track campaign responses of each marketing campaign, such as roadshows, promotions, and events

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