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Corporate Overview

Toyota Interyont Chonburi is a major authorized Toyota dealer in Thailand, with 280 employees, operating 3 dealerships. Toyota Interyont Chonburi mission is to become the top Toyota dealer in Thailand’s central east area by providing excellent customer experience in sales and after sales. By 2016, Toyota Interyont has already been accredited Top Sales Award (2012 – 2016), President Award (2012), Best Manager Award (2015) and Best Customer Satisfaction Award (2016) by Toyota.



Toyota Interyont Chonburi operates with various disparate Toyota IT systems for vehicle  sales, service and customer management. For campaign management and loyalty programs, Toyota Interyont used a loyalty management system that the OEM had set up for all Toyota dealers. Toyota Interyont found that functions were limited and had concerns about their valuable customer information being shared with competing dealerships.

Without an advanced in-house marketing campaign management system, Toyota Interyont did not have the capability to plan, budget, create and execute marketing campaigns or to capture campaigns’ responses that could support an effective lead nurturing program. Success was mostly judged based on an estimated impact on sales revenue and “gut-feel”. Furthermore, the lack of customers’ behaviour tracking capabilities and without user-friendly analytics dashboards, Interyont was limited in their ability to understand tangible outcomes resulting from their marketing and communications efforts.

Without a systematic loyalty program in place, marketing was mainly tactical, i.e. offering discounts, and was executed simply via newspaper advertisement, radio, flyers, signage and direct SMS. The cost was significantly higher compared to digital marketing. One-time discounts attracted customers only on a short-term basis, reducing gross revenues and did not retain customers after promotions ended.

The need to professionally facilitate the planning, scheduling, launching, and measuring of marketing campaigns across multiple social media i.e. Online, Facebook and Line, and the need to differentiate against competitors by offering a personalized customer experience, called for an integrated dealer CRM system for campaign and loyalty management.




Toyota Interyont Chonburi chose Technosoft Automotive CRM, the next-generation automotive retail CRM to enable a 360-degree customer experience, cultivate customer loyalty and increase customer retention.


Reasons for choosing the Technosoft Automotive CRM solution: 

  • User-friendly automotive CRM solution – easy to learn and use
  • Openness and scalability of the solution to support fast growing dealers
  • Ease of integration with existing systems
  • Quick adjustment of the system to changing requirements
  • Comprehensive functionality which covers all of Toyota Interyont’s needs
  • Technosoft’s extensive automotive retail expertise with key automotive customers in the region


With a faster, more flexible and seamless dealer CRM, Toyota Interyont is now able to generate reports and dashboards that allow all its dealerships to share 360-degree vehicle information, and 360-degree customer information. The new system enables Toyota Interyont to create campaigns that generate and nurture leads and it supports multi-tier loyalty programs. Toyota Interyont is now able to consolidate customers’ feedback & behaviors and use data-driven insights to provide its customers with a unique Toyota Interyont brand experience.



Increasing customer lifetime value and retention

With Technosoft Automotive CRM, Toyota Interyont Chonburi is now able to realize the benefits of a customer-insight driven campaigns and create a targeted and personalized experience for its loyal customers.

Technosoft’s advanced marketing campaign management allows Toyota Interyont to capture all customers’ touch points and relationship data thus enabling it to personalize its offers and product recommendations. Toyota Interyont is now able to segment its customers by key attributes like loyalty status, age group, geographical location, job title, and area of automotive interest and it has already launched a series of target-by-segment campaigns such as:

  • Extra point rewards during birthday month
  • Complimentary servicing for customers in selected target groups
  • Dining discount, offered by its dining partners, for customers residing in Chonburi


With customized campaigns, Toyota Interyont Chonburi observes an increase in email open percentages and read rates with immediate impact to their  service utilization. In addition, Toyota Interyont can now deliver a consistent brand experience across its branches which increase customer satisfaction and customer retention.

The Technosoft loyalty program provides Toyota Interyont Chonburi with the ability to deliver a VIP customer experience that encourages customer enrollments and membership upgrades, which enhances the customer lifetime value. Since the implementation of its loyalty program, three loyalty tiers were created, according to purchase and spend history – Gold, Platinum, Diamond.

Diamond members enjoy higher discounts, exclusive product previews, offers for upcoming new car models and access to a larger variety of gifts during redemption. In the near future, Diamond members will also enjoy access to fast service lane and VIP seat in an event. Member rewards, member promotions and tier-upgrades help Toyota Interyont to make the loyalty program attractive for its customers. After receiving their personalized messages via SMS, Facebook or Line, loyalty program members enjoy the privilege by simply showing the promotion code from their mobile device. Since the launch of the loyalty program, Toyota Interyont has observed increases in purchases frequencies, vehicle repurchase leads and spending with the dealership.


“In May 2017, we launched a double point rewards during birthday months and we organized a joint campaign with Toyota offering rewards of combined value of 1 million THB. Increasing customer retention and increasing customer lifetime value has resulted in increased revenue and our loyalty program has decreased our service acquisition costs. We are very happy with the partnership with Technosoft. It has already delivered a positive return of our investment.”
said Mr. Matas Jenjirawattana, Managing Director of Toyota Interyont Chonburi.



Advanced Automotive Retail: The Next Phase

Ensuring a consistently high level of customers’ experiences across branches is an important competitive differentiator in the modern automotive retail environment. Having a dealer CRM solution that will integrate seamlessly with existing dealer management systems is an important strategic imperative. Toyota Interyont Chonburi is already seeing the benefits of this strategy and is now planning the next phase of their CRM project. Phase 2 of Technosoft Automotive’s next-generation dealer CRM will further enhance their customer’s experience in the area of vehicle sales and will help Toyota Interyont Chonburi to engage even closer with their customers and prospects.


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