mobil88: Advancing the Used Car Buying Experience | Automotive Case Study


Corporate Overview

Yana Automotive Solution is a robust and trackable automotive solution that fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities, supporting more than 1.4K dealers, 33K combined users, 205K vehicle orders, and 1.1M repair orders. By incorporating nine comprehensive modules in Yana Automotive Solution with a laser-like focus on Digital Customer Experience (DCX), customer satisfaction, and customer retention, automotive dealers enjoy the advantages of our 5As’ concept (Actionable, Analytical , Accessible, Adaptable, and Automatable) in progressing their automotive business strategies. mobil88 is an excellent case study of advancing the used car buying experience in Indonesia.


Customer Pain Points

mobil88, a subsidiary of PT Serasi Auto Raya (SERA), is a well-known market leader in Indonesia’s used car marketplace. This organization owns 21 showrooms in Indonesia and sells more than 10,000 cars annually. Before approaching Technosoft Automotive to be part of this digital transformation project, mobil88 utilized a home-grown solution to manage their daily operations. However, due to rapid business growth, they required a reliable automotive expert to implement an automotive solution with advanced DMS functionalities and real-time data to accelerate their goal achievement.

  • Operational Processes
  • Organizational Productivity
  • Digital Customer Experience (DCX)
  • Data Integration


Customer-Centric Solutions

Our expert team conducted an in-depth case evaluation and customized a personalized business solution that gratified mobil88’s business requirements. Yana Automotive Solution resolved their pain points by strategizing our 5As’ concept in the modules to subdue their challenges.

  • Maintaining High Data Accuracy Through Automatable Processes
  • Mobilizing Intelligent Automotive Services Through Accessible Real-Time Data Analytics
  • Monitoring Reconditioning Processes Through Analytical Data
  • Magnifying Digital Customer Experience Actionable Customer Insights
  • Monetizing Omni-channel Digital Marketing Campaigns Through Analytical Customer Data

Download the case study to learn more about Yana DMS.

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