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Mitsubishi is moving toward customer service and mobility experience

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) launched its mobile phone app called Mitsubishi Service Connect (MSC) based on Technosoft Yana MyService last Thursday (3rd Dec 2020), intending to boost the customer service experience.

As one of the key players in the automotive industry, MMPC President and CEO Mutsuhiro Oshikiri highlighted the importance of having a feature-rich mobility tool to better serve their customers. “Time has always been a commodity of extreme value to our customers, especially now, during this pandemic. That is why we are introducing a feature-rich mobile application that makes servicing their vehicles safer, more convenient and completely transparent. The MSC mobile app is yet another brand innovation that shows our dedication to creating vehicles and services that work for our customers,” he explained. (Source: “Mitsubishi PH Launches Mobile Phone App to Boost Customer Service Experience.” Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo!,

Mitsubishi is moving toward customer service and mobility experience

At Technosoft Automotive, we promote Digital Customer Experience (DCX) and work automation through 9 success modules in our intelligent customer-centric automotive solution, to align with new customer experience trends in the vehicle-servicing journey.

Discovering why Yana Automotive Solution matters in customer satisfaction

Automotive space is dynamically changing during the global pandemic, specifically in tackling customer satisfaction and expectations. This COVID-19 outbreak has elicited a new customer-buying experience in the digital customer journey, where customers depend heavily on mobile usability and proactive customer service. To comply with customer expectations and assist automotive businesses in understanding consumer movements, Technosoft Automotive offers a robust and trackable automotive solution in the vehicle sales & service cycle, built on the architecture platform with full integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities.

  • Yana Automotive Solution:

With the capabilities to foster work efficiency in the dealership operations through Yana’s nine success modules, automotive dealers have the accessibility to actionable customer insights to improve decision-making by identifying customer needs. Yana Automotive Solution capitalizes on actionable insights, accessible customer data, adaptable architecture, analytical data, and automatable processes in the vehicle processes, to aggrandize customer satisfaction. Applying nine extensive modules in the entire dealership operation will drive automotive businesses to the next milestone, move faster and go beyond customer expectations.

Understanding how Yana Automotive Solution can amplify Digital Customer Experience (DCX) and customer satisfaction

Mitsubishi is moving toward customer service and mobility experience

  • Enrich Test-Drive, Vehicle Service & Inspection Booking Experience

By extending mobile functionality in the booking system, associated with configurable vehicle service processes, automotive dealers can empower Yana MyCar to deliver an excellent customer experience through the usability of service reminders, service appointment scheduling, and automate job completion alerts. The scalability, agility, and flexibility of the interface allow seamless integration with all types of legacy booking systems to reshape a new digital customer experience with data integrity assurance by building an ease-of-use mobile interface.

  • Elevate 24/7 Customer Support

Prompt customer service is crucial, especially during the global pandemic and ever-changing customer demand timeframe. Yana Bot & RPA utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) on bots to understand and act on human language, in delivering proactive customer service across omnichannel touchpoints. In this module, automotive dealers can capitalize on Virtual Customer Assistants (VCA) to assist customers in a diverse range of requests, such as updating new details, changing appointment dates and contact details on behalf of the customers.  Leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to elevate 24/7 customer support and supersede the traditional customer service that fails to connect customers via phone calls quickly.

  • Structural Vehicle Inspection

As mobility benefits are recognized at scale in the automotive industry, Yana MyInspection introduces mobility in the vehicle inspection processes through an array of high-efficiency work order automation, with a structural inspection cycle in place. By standardizing the inspection processes through internal SOPs, service advisors can guarantee each circle check’s quality, which ultimately accelerates customer satisfaction through a tremendous vehicle-servicing experience.

  • AI-Powered Customer Portal

The flexibility and accessibility to the customer accounts are significantly crucial in extending the digital customer experience. Yana MyCar presents a broad range of capabilities in granting vehicle owners the accessibility to manage their accounts, communicate with automotive dealers for service reservations, sales quotations, and test drive appointments on mobile, in due course. This module promotes exceptional vehicle-servicing digital experience through a self-sufficiency interface, allowing customers to access service appointments, vehicle price lists, and service reminders based on the last service record.

  • Traceable Omnichannel Touchpoints

To embark on the digital customer experience, automotive dealers need to actuate an omnichannel strategy as part of the customer approaches. Yana Customer Service, unified with a real-time tracking and monitoring system in customer service, furnishes feasibility in measuring Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) in the dealership services to create lasting effects on excellent customer service.

  • Customer Lifecycle Marketing

By enabling marketing automation in the personalized promotional and lead nurturing campaigns, automotive dealers are competent to inaugurate proactive customer experience strategies, which subsequently elongate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Yana Marketing accentuates lead attraction, conversion, and retention in optimizing the lead conversion paths, with the capability to capture an exhaustive understanding of consumer behavior at different marketing funnel stages.

  • Promote Personal & Proactive Selling  

To captivate future customers in the competitive automotive space, Yana MySales promotes effective personal & proactive selling by classifying customer needs and expectations through analytical customer data. The CRM in this module equips with the ability to perform proactive selling and attain customer success at scale through the mobility and accessibility to customer data. By owning seamless customer data and customer insights in cloud-based CRM, the sales team can transform prospects into valuable customers with strategized personal and proactive selling methods.

  • Optimizable Processes in Vehicle Sales Cycle

Optimizing sales processes in the new and used vehicle sales cycle, with the ability to access an immense range of real-time data in the customer-buying journey, automotive dealers gain an in-depth perception in improving showroom other store operation efficiency, to satisfy customer needs and expectations.  Yana New Vehicle and Yana Used Vehicle invigorate structured new and used vehicle sales processes, inflating customer experience through operational scalability and customizable operations management.

  • Strengthen Workshop Efficiency  

Inescapably, the end-to-end operations automation journey is gaining popularity in the automotive businesses, specifically in workshop operations. Yana After-Sales Service allows automotive dealers to increase automation in the dealership operations by enhancing work efficiency and data integrity, acknowledging that data precision is the key to customer success. Measuring customer satisfaction through smart tracking and monitoring systems is a premier track in assisting automotive dealers to make rapid service improvements. This module supplies customer-centric data to evaluate the effectiveness of interacting, connecting, and engaging with customers across omnichannel touchpoints, in conjunction with actionable insights on pursuing personalized customer experience in their services.

Embracing 5As’ concept in customer-powered automotive solution is a smart move

Automation-as-a-service (AaaS) is the trending automotive operations management to increase conversions through trackable digital customer experience by strategizing the 5As’ concept in the processes from different automotive work orders. To discover more about Yana Automotive Solution’s full capabilities and wish to personalize a business solution that gratifies your automotive business needs, please proceed to arrange a complimentary consultation with our experts. Be the first to make an informed business move in the recovery period!


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