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Used Vehicle Management


Used vehicles, also known as second-hand vehicles or pre-owned vehicles, are now mostly sold through online platforms, social media and traditional walk-in dealers. In addition, most customers are very likely to do a trade-in of their used vehicle to purchase a new model. Yana Used Vehicle Management features provide dealers a comprehensive capability to manage the daily operation of purchasing and selling of used vehicle more efficiently.

Used Vehicle Buying Process

Used vehicle assessments are usually the first step to identify the market value of the used vehicle. An accurate assessment of the vehicle market value makes it easier to find a potential buyer as well as providing a fair valuation between the buyer and the seller. Many factors are considered while evaluating a used vehicle including make, model and age in addition to the condition of the vehicle.

Yana Used Vehicle Management module comes with a comprehensive assessment feature that gives dealers the capability to do assessment of the used vehicle both exterior, interior, engine, and another user defined parameter. Whether the vehicle have high mileage or have excessive wear and tear or even putting into consideration whether the vehicle comes with original parts and accessories, Yana Used Vehicle Assessment covers it all giving you an accurate estimate market value of the used vehicle in a more systematic, transparent and accountable manner.

Example of illustrated guided steps to perform assessment for used vehicle Nissan Almera 1.2S MT 2018

Upon the price agreement between seller and buyer, dealer can perform a good receipt the used vehicle, manage the inventory, track and monitor the reconditioning expenses.

Yana Used Vehicle Management


Used Vehicle Selling Process

Dealers can collect and manage all your leads coming from different sources whether it is from trade show or social media or even just a walk-in customer. To create customer awareness, dealer can create, manage and analyse the outcome of campaigns to find out the trend and behaviour of customers for a wise decision-making.

Yana Used Vehicle Management

For customers who decided to purchase the used vehicle, impressed them even further with a superior customer experience via a configurable business process flow that guides your sales consultant from creation of sales quotation, up to the sales invoice generation delivering a standardize customer experience across all your dealerships.  All of this using Yana Used Vehicle Sales module


Why Yana Dealer Management System?

Yana Used Vehicle features allows

  • Efficient handling of used vehicle inventory ensuring dealer can stay up-to-date with the inventory availability as well as a complete 360 view of the vehicle
  • Efficient customer handling both the purchase and sales cycle whether the vehicle comes from auction, trade-in, etc, create your own workflow for standardize customer experience across all your dealerships.

Yana, the next generation DMS is the complete automotive solution for automotive dealer providing a digital transformation with the right mix between digital, mobile and customer-focused strategies for a superior customer experience



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