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For the past few years, the number of dealers visited by a consumer in the car buying process continue to decline. Consumer tends to conduct online research, compare brands, models, options, pricing and short-list the likely brand and model in mind before deciding to visit the dealer(s).

In this challenging Post-Covid-19 pandemic, the situation forces even more consumers to embark in digital journey. There will be still people preferred to buy vehicles from the dealership, but majority of their decision-making process is taking place online. So that means, by the time potential buyers reach your car dealership, most already have a decision of the car they want to purchase.

Technosoft vision for digital marketing for automotive players is to empower car dealership establishing strong online presence and enable the dealership to engage personalized online interactions with potential buyers to influence the decision. Our digital marketing features, built on the same platform as and work seamlessly with Yana DMS, comes with 4 main features as below


A. Landing Pages for Websites
Feature of landing page
  • Drag & Drop designer to add text, images buttons, flexibility to create form field contents
  • Consumers who entered the information in the form field contents, gets captured automatically into Yana DMS at close to real-time



  • Owner of website can view statistical insights of total number of visitors to the pages, total number of contacts / leads gets created automatically into the system, geographical information of the visitors, etc



  • Cookies tracking to identify visitor anonymous status



Landing Page examples

Landing pages can be used for website contents suchs as

  • Promotional / News pages
  • Downloading of brochure page
  • Contact Us/Feedback Back/Enquiry Page
  • Test Drive Appointment Page
  • Service Appointment Page
  • Etc


B. Social Post

Social post feature allow marketing personnel to easily create social media post for Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and schedule it for publishing automatically.

Feature of social post
  • Flexible to define the social media account/channels to be posted
  • Easily Add text, media, link, emotion icons
  • Scheduler to plan for future postings



  • Get real time insights of any interactions of users on the post (Comments, share, like)



C. Segmentations

All contact/lead information captured from landing pages/social posts, will automatically be created in Yana dealer Management systems as a Lead/Contact. With these information, dealership can use the segmentation feature to harvest & define the criteria of all contacts available in the system based on user’s online behavioural, firmographics, demographics, or other conditions to prepare for marketing actions

Features of segmentation
  • Create unlimited conditions/criteria to define the relevant potential buyers/existing customers
  • Can be dynamics segment where system automatically refreshes the list based on specific time OR static segment if you have pre-defined list of contacts that can be uploaded


Segmentation Samples

Samples of relevant segmentations commonly created for car dealerships

  • Potential buyer who downloaded X brochures from the website
  • Potential buyer who registered for an event
  • Potential buyer who attended or not attended an event
  • Potential buyer who responded to the interaction from messaging app/social media
  • Potential buyer who visited X landing page
  • Potential buyer with high ready score to be prioritize by salesperson
  • Customers who recently just bought a new vehicle at a dealerships
  • Customers who are due for service reservation
  • Customers who recently have their service completed at a dealership
  • Customers who owned more than 5 vehicles & spent more than $100000 a year
  • And many more


D. Customer Journey

With the segmentations generated according to different criteria, we can map each of these segmentations into customer journey that can be flexibly defined to ensure the potential buyer / customer follow a specific travel route according to their behaviour / buying experience.

Features of customer journey
  • Drag & Drop journey designer to create automated, omni-channel campaign that sends personalized messages, generate follow up activities, etc
  • Configure multiple channels based on customer’s preferred communication channel for the sending of contents
  • Configure scheduler to pause the journey until the appropriate time before continuing the journey again
  • Configure conditions/ branches to determine the If/Else condition ensuring personalize journey for each individual potential buyer/customer according to their behaviour / responses


Customer Journey Example
  • Customer journey for potential buyers who downloaded a brochure from website.
  • Customer journey for potential buyers who responded to an interaction on Social media/messaging app
  • Customer journey for potential buyers who attended an event
  • Customer journey for customers who have recently bought a vehicle from a dealership
  • Customer journey for customers who have recently service a vehicle from a dealership



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