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What to do with all the customer data that you have gathered over the years? Segment the data and take control to plan your customer’s future relationship. Proper customer segmentation allows you to stay connected to your customers even after you’ve made a sale. It gives you idea what other services you can provide to them and when likely they will need your services again.

Yana DMS comes with pre-packed reports for all areas of dealership operations consisting of sales, service, inventory and accounting available to dealer in variety of formats. These are insights that are commonly used by automotive dealerships in getting transparency of the entire dealership operation as well as putting customer’s relationship into a plan

Here are some popular reports that can be easily extracted from Yana DMS for customer retention.


Last Interaction Customer Report

The chances of losing that customer is high if they have not been in touch for at least 6-12 months. To avoid this, plan ahead by highlighting customers that require attention on a monthly basis. With Yana, you can easily extract the list of customers according to the last activity date and send to the respective staff in the dealership based on a configurable schedule. Then prepare action plan to re-engage with these customers by extending them with attractive offers and promotions.


Vehicle Over X Years Old Report

New model launching? Quickly identify the list of all the customers whose vehicle is X years or older. According to research by Budgeting Money, Motorists who buy a brand-new car typically keep it for about six years, up from about four years in 2006. With proper segmentation and personalization, these group of customers are highly potential to be purchasing another new vehicle at any time. Prepare your salesperson for action plan to nurture these customers for a new vehicle re-purchasing.


Expiring Warranty Report

How about customers who would like to keep their vehicle a little longer? Maintaining a good relationship plan with your customers means being supportive and accommodative towards customer’s decision. If they do not wish to get a brand-new car now, then offer them a worry-free solution in case their vehicle breaks down or require additional maintenance.

With Yana, service department can easily extract the list of vehicles whose warranty is expiring or expired. Action plan can then be created to sell warranty extensions package or extensions of service maintenance which will increase the revenue of the workshop at the same time retaining your customer. Once they are ready for a new vehicle, they can then be put on a re-purchase plan. This valuable information provides your dealership with either a new opportunity or new revenue.

Yana DMS provides users with much more capabilities to analyze your dealership data, allowing you to maximize the use of these insights to not only to increase customer retention but more importantly, to grow revenue from these customers with close nurturing and relationship.

  • Customer Churn rate
  • Revenue Churn Rate
  • Existing Customer Revenue Growth Rate
  • Repeat purchase rate
  • Product Return Rate
  • Days Sales Outstanding, etc.



Get hold of Yana DMS flexible reporting capabilities to generate various insights into your data that best meets your dealership’s strategy. Whether it is for individual user, team, department or management, Yana DMS gives you the flexibility in getting the right data providing you an accurate picture of your entire dealerships to increase revenue and customer retention.



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