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Yana Marketing, a module integrated with Dynamics 365 Marketing capabilities, empowers automotive OEMs and dealers with a wide array of tools that assist in managing automotive businesses’ customer marketing strategies. Our lead generation and scoring tools support automotive organizations in identifying and targeting potential customers effectively, eventually converting them into business opportunities. The drag-and-drop tools enable users to create dynamic marketing content and automated customer journeys swiftly.


Preparing Customer Journeys

Customer journey is a path that customers interact with an organization in the marketing processes. The goal of a customer journey is to turn opportunities into revenue. For example, a customer journey for automotive dealers can be as simple as below.

Yana Marketing | Yana Automotive Solution

  • Prospects open a marketing email they receive from an automotive dealer.
  • There are multiple links in the marketing email that the prospects can click on to learn more about the dealer’s products and services.
  • They will be directed to the relevant product pages based on the links they have clicked.
  • They can also request additional information on the marketing page, such as products, payment terms, warranty, and more.
  • The prospects will receive additional marketing materials based on their requests, while a task will be created and assigned to a sales personnel to follow up with them.


Yana Marketing allows automotive OEMs/dealers to tailor powerful customer journeys based on different campaigns. They can easily visualize and automate a journey when their customers interact in the marketing processes, from emails, task assignments, business workflows, decision points to internal actions. This journey can be customized based on customer needs and preferences.


In the customer journeys, automotive OEMs/dealers can:

  • Attract the right prospects: Create personalized campaigns to target specific customer segments across various marketing channels, ranging from email marketing, web landing pages, virtual events, telemarketing, SMS integration, LinkedIn integration, and other customized channels.
  • Create reusable campaign assets instantly: Our key automation features such as configurable templates, content blocks, and design tools support the creation of a content library that can be leveraged across multiple customer journeys.
  • Personalized customer journeys: Automotive OEMs/dealers can create personalized journeys that automatically trigger a lead nurturing process by capturing buyer preferences and past interactions.
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM): Our content library stores marketing materials by defining campaign objectives and audience segments.


To begin with a simple customer journey, automotive OEMs/dealers must obtain at least the basic information below:

  • Target audience: A segment contains all the contacts, such as email addresses, company names, etc., for the email blasts.
  • Marketing activity: Include several marketing emails that are ready to blast.


Yana Marketing allows users to add many different tiles to engage with their target audience. Therefore, the complexity of a customer journey depends on the marketing objectives.

Yana Marketing | Yana Automotive Solution 

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