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Corona Virus (Covid-19) is significantly impacting the way we work today. Millions of people are required to stay at home and need to rely on technology to help them work and study remotely.

As people around the world are increasingly working from home in an effort to avert a COVID-19 catastrophe It’s important for Automotive Dealership and local businesses a like to have messaging and plans in place to continue operations. Cloud-based collaboration and communication tools will prove pivotal to companies’ operation continuity.


Tips on how to communicate any changes in your operations, ways to maximize the increase from people staying home, and messaging ideas that can help drive sales.

1. Maximize Your potential customers via omni-channel for promotions, product launch, special campaign and events.

Most consumers have a smartphone where information is just right at their fingertips. Information about the dealership, the brand, the vehicle model reviews are readily available online. However, consumers do want to talk to expert and take car for a test drive. If dealers don’t nurture & engage these shoppers via digital channels, they lose the ability to influence and attract the customer.

Digital Transformation in Automotive Adopting With Technosoft Yana OMNI channel capability, automotive dealership have the advantage of being able to engage with consumer by offering a seamlessly integrated automotive shopping, buying and owning processes regardless of the channels in which consumer interacts.

  • Engaging consumer throughout the customer journey
  • Fully automated customer touchpoints across different channels

Automotive dealership who adapts OMNI Channel strategy, will not only serve the customer better but also able to reduce sales and marketing cost


2. Be Digitally Visible and Available.

As more consumers turn to the website and social media to pass the time, it’s important to have a strong digital presence. Your website should also reflect this messaging and create a chatbot or artificial intelligence (AI) software that leverages in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to interact with customers in a natural way.

Many leading companies are already effectively utilizing Chatbot and AI in their operations, taking their performance to a new level. with all the answers to how your business operations may be adjusting.

Yana chatbot, fully integrated with Yana Dealer Management System can be embedded into automotive dealers’ website, or web chat channels providing virtual assistance and customer care services to enhance customer experience. It streamlines interactions between customers and dealers services enabling dealers to service customer 24/7 throughout the day and increase customers satisfaction.

Services that can be achieved via Yana Chatbot for automotive dealers are

  • Information – Provides recommendations and answering general FAQ related to vehicle models, promotions, or store information.
  • Transaction – Provides transactional services such as allowing customers to book and receive information on test drives, quotations, service booking. Transactional chatbot collects customer contact information and store in Yana DMS automatically.

Yana chatbot provide interested car buyers an on-demand, personalized experience, Yana chatbot enable consumers to take control over their car buying experience and seamlessly glean the information they want, in the channel they want, whenever they want it.

On the dealer side, Yana chatbot can help take some of the stress off customer service agents by serving as the first line of contact with automotive shoppers, assisting with their needs and vetting the inquiry.

Next Generation DMS with Chatbot and AI, Technosoft provides the platform and tools to help Digital Transformation in Automotive enabling automotive Dealership to stay in line with the next generation customer service. Impressed your potential customers with advanced digital capabilities to improve customer acquisitions and satisfaction.


3. Offer and Promote Convenient and Service Retail.

In the face of Corona virus, are you making the car buying and services process easier or harder for your customers? More people will be spending time online and on social media. Be sure your dealership is there, too. it’s time to heavily consider offering at-home vehicle deliveries test drives & home services.


With Yana, you can have the right mix between digital, mobile and customer-focused strategies to bring customers in for maintenance and repairs.

  • Yana Service Reminder

Be proactive by reaching out to your customers who are due for

  1. First service
  2. Subsequent service
  3. Other services

Determine the criteria, when & how you would like the list to be generated either by :-

  1. Mileage
  2. Next Service Date
  3. Age of Last Service Date
  4. Part Number

Execute the reminder list to your customers via Omni Channel (SMS, Email, Phone Call, Otoleap app notification).

Gives your service department peace of mind as the system continuously analyses the history transactions ensuring you never miss out on any of your customers again.

Your customers will appreciate that your dealership takes the initiative to remind them when it’s time to change the oil & time to rotate the tires.

  • Yana Otoleap Self-Service Reservation

Allow your customer to respond to the service reminder by giving them multi-channel options to make a service booking with your dealership at their own convenience.

For customers who prefers a self-service option, use Yana Otoleap Self-Service Reservation, a hassle-free, simple to use and intuitive app, to

  • Locate the nearest workshop
  • Check the availability of the workshop
  • Instant visibility on estimated completion time and estimated price
  • Book the service in less than 3 minutes, anytime, anywhere 24/7
  • View the booking history

This will be great for the busy bee especially the millennials that are driven by convenience and want to be in charge of their time and being Solutions During Corona Outbreak.

  • Yana Service Reservation via Traditional Method (Walk-In / Phone Call / SMS / Whatsapp / Email/ Social Medial / Call Center/ Live Chat channels)

Yana Service Reservation gives your service reception a clear visibility of your workshop availability by

  1. Calendar day/week/month
  2. Service Bay
  3. Technicians
  4. Service Advisors

By providing your customers a hassle-free booking experience together with a top-notch dealership customer experience with Yana Digital Transformation DMS.

Remove all sources of friction in traditional buying & services process right now, and to over-communicate that shoppers don’t have to come onto the lot to buy and a service a car help counter decrease in Automotive Dealership.



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