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Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the next-generation marketing technology aim to bring together all customer data from various platform into a unified database for marketing use.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

With more and more customers interacting with organization across multiple channels, this make it difficult for marketing personnel to synchronize the stored data across disconnected touch points. These data could be behavioural, demographics, or transactions type of data that are usually gathered from separate system making analysing difficult.

To solve the data disconnected problem, Customer Data Platform (CDP) is introduced to centralize all these data from different sources via the pre-built connectors into a single platform. Marketing personnel can analyse deeper real time-insights of the data via machine learning tools at every stage of the customer journey to predict customer intent, churn and recommendations.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential tool designed to nurture, retain and manage interactions between your organization with prospects or customers. The goal of CRM is to be able to stay connected with your customers by giving personalized service at various touch points via multiple channels. These, results in happy customer leading to brand loyalty and revenue increase in your organization.


How Dealer Management System Yana is leveraging Customer Data Platform for automotive retail industry?

With Dynamics 365 as the base platform of Yana solution, we can provide automotive retail organization a holistic view of customer 360 via features from CDP and CRM seamlessly.


Connecting your data

With the built-in unification process, system administrator can very quickly and easily unify data from multiple systems, websites, social channels into a single platform without coding knowledge.


Data Unification

The built-in AI unification process allow you to map, match and merge customers with the same profile across multiple system giving you a complete activity view of each customers in Yana Customer 360.


Create your own segments or let AI generate predicted segment for you

With unified data in Customer Data Platform, we can create unlimited dynamics segments and unified organization measures. Paired with Yana Digital Marketing feature, you can orchestrate the customer journey, creating a seamless experience for more rewarding relationships

A CDP is the key to delivering the right engagement for the right person at the right time and personalising every customer touchpoint from marketing to sales to service.



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