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Modern automotive dealer management system offers a lot much more to deliver what current business landscape needs to scale and grow as compare to traditional dealer management system.

In today’s era of digital transformation, customer experience is the centre and key element to successfully compete. Nowadays, customers are in control when, where and how they would like the interaction & experience with the dealership. They are mostly 24 hours connected at anywhere, anytime and conduct extensive research and comparison across multiple channels even before they decide to speak with dealers. In order to reach the growing expectations of the modern customers, automotive dealers must stay competitive and introduce digital transformation solution to facilitate omni-channel buying & selling processes. So, what are the Must-Have Features in modern automotive dealer management system to cater to the growing expectations of the modern customer?

Omni-Channel Customer experience

To cater for the digital customers who are always connected 24 hours, seamless omni-channel features like mobile devices capability, social media capabilities are a must-have in your dealer management system. The multi-channel approach to marketing, buying, selling, and serving customers can create a modernized and personalized customer experience no matter who, how or where a customer reaches out. At the same time, your dealership personnel should be able to follow up on the same channel delivering a seamless experience whether it is to the customers or to your dealership.


Seamless CRM platform for Customer 360 & Vehicle 360

Modern customers are constantly engaging with dealerships via digital channels and as a result, customer journey can become increasingly complex. Dealerships need to be able to analyse these customer journey and understand all the footprints of the customers from their recent purchases to day-to-day interaction with the dealership. To do this, a seamless CRM platform with Customer 360 & Vehicle 360 are a must-have in your dealer management system to aggregate the customer information, behaviour, and data all in a single platform. Dealership can then use this information to create personalized customer journey and drive marketing and sales growth, delivering a more personalized shopping experience.


Built-In Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

With the evolving of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, many sectors including the automotive businesses are looking for AI assistance for greater convenience. AI in automotive dealers plays a major role in pre-sales & post-sales experience. To stay ahead of competitors, not only the dealer management system needs to be able to cater for new digital transformation, but also need to cater to the growing needs of artificial intelligence.

Many automotive dealers are already putting a footprint into virtual assistance where customers can ask different queries and with the built-in AI, queries get cleared in initial stages saving a lot of efforts for dealers. In addition, with AI, dealer can use automated emails and AI targeted audience which makes sales a lot easier. For post-sales, the usage of AI is in within the service centres where technicians can identify potential problems based on history of similar problems and plan on improvising how repair and maintenance are done. AI can also generate insights of customers, processes and workflows giving a complete overview of everything that happens to your customer or your dealership.


Summary Automotive Dealer

Automotive industry is growing at a fast pace. It is essential for automotive dealers to improve their efficiency in all aspects to cater to the constantly changing of market demands and new technology. Technosoft Yana Next-Generation Dealer Management System is a system that utilizes the latest technologies and developed with customer experience in mind. The seamlessly integrated Microsoft platform allow streamlining of all departments data in a single platform giving you an accurate insight at the same time meet the growing expectations of the modern customers.



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