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Automotive Dealers with important frontline employees in the Sales field face a unique set of challenges to respond the COVID-19 crisis. With travel restrictions and many people working remotely, the challenge is to keep the Dealer productive and maintain important business functions continue to support your customers.

Modernize Dealer Field Sales being solutions for automotive dealers to train employees and provide training and expertise to employees who work on site or in the field.

For the Covid-19 crisis sales organization it must rack the brain to make sales data more effective, help sell smarter and more quickly adjust to existing conditions. Deeper customer knowledge and accelerated intelligence can guide organizations to proactively pursue opportunities at the right time and in the right context, so that your business is always moving forward.



Yana MySales mobile app utilizes Microsoft’s cloud power to unite sales information through Power Apps and Dynamics 365 to close more transactions, estimate more accurately, and meet sales quotas, while maximizing sales potential through deeper customer relationships includes:

  • Automate ordinary tasks and bring up the right information, at the right time, in the right context on a Real time.
  • Empower sales organizations to build AI-based insights and sales guidelines that are aligned with and help to uphold business strategies and best practices unique to each sales organization. This helps ensure that sellers and sales managers have sufficient information and are empowered to sell smarter and faster.
  • Helps ensure valuable time is spent on customers.
  • Helps form trusted customer relationships that support long-term sales engagement and lead to repeat sales.
  • Offers a unique opportunity to monitor all customer conversations and extract valuable insights that can help sales organizations move faster and smarter.
  • Sales managers can easily identify top sellers and their winning strategies, as well as potential gaps, to inform training and spread positive behavior throughout the team. Sellers benefit from the opportunity to reflect on themselves and learn.



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If you would like to find out more about Modernize Dealer Field Sales advisor offers a lot much more and help your dealership increase marketing effectiveness, build stronger personalized relation with your customer, contact us at or schedule a product demo today.


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