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What is auto dealership efficiency?

Most customers whose vehicle is still under warranty will usually return to the official/authorized dealer’s workshop for servicing or repairs. Traditionally, technicians will inspect the vehicle and write the inspections result as well as actions required on the service order form.  This traditional method may result in service advisor missing out opportunities to cross sell and provide recommendations to customers when they come for a regular service maintenance. Customer’s vehicle is not serviced efficiently because some parts may be overdue for replacement but was not given any recommendation resulting customers having to return to workshop multiple times causing frustration, loss of trust and inconvenience.


How does Yana Service MMS work and help?

Yana After-Sales Service comes with a feature for Maintenance Message Service (Service MMS), a function in Work Order, that allows service advisor or technicians to record recommended and suggested actions of customer’s vehicle. For example, the vehicle’s battery or tires may be worn and are recommended to be replaced in the next service.

In Yana Service MMS, you can input suggested item, date, notes, replacement dates and other information related. The information will be automatically linked with both customer and vehicle number (VIN). It can be suggestion for the next service, service immediately, or future service.

If it is a suggestion for the next service, the system will automatically generate a reminder list to remind your users and customers when the next service is due.

These reminders allow service advisor to know and be able to remind or recommend to your customers giving opportunity for cross selling. Customers will also appreciate the efficient services provided by the workshop allowing them to drive with peace knowing their vehicle is well taken care off.


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