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There is some cases when Dealers need to recall some specific vehicles. With recall page, Parent Dealer can input all Vehicle Identification Number that need to be recalled (using template provided by Otoleap).

Otoleap release of Recall Page, a new feature available within the Otoleap platform parent dealer can input all Vehicle Identification Number that need to be recalled (using template provided by Otoleap). After Parent Dealer released the Recall list, customers with those Vehicle Identification ​​Number will receive information about the Recall on My Vehicle Page, and Booking Summary Page.


Recall Page monitors auto dealers’ entire inventory for open recalls via an automatic nightly process. Additionally, Dealers are also able to view the Recall list. And after the Recall Services are done, Dealer can ​set those Vehicle Identification Number as “Recall Completed”.

Recall Page performs a check for recalls whenever a trade is booked in or a vehicle is delivered. All recall information is tracked across several reports and available at the click of a button. and gives dealer customers a foolproof way to track all pertinent recall information and use it to generate service business and protect their dealership from liability.


Recall Page is fully integrated into the Otoleap apps and web system, The Open Recall Report and Compliance Review Report make all facets of recall information easy to access and use.

Technosoft Automotive as the automotive market evolves, allows their customers to easily access unique recall data and information through the existing. Technosoft Dealer Management system can focus on efficiently managing recalls and attending to the needs of consumers through a familiar, proven platform.  The partnership with Otoleap is one more step in the right direction to ensure consumer safety and to mitigate the risk of automotive-related injuries.



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