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Social Media Relationship (Twitter, Facebook and etc.) are vital components of the customer journey lifecycle. The automobile industry is not an exception to this. and customers have a wide array of choices when it comes to engagement or communication.

Recent report by Xerago Research found that in 2018, 70% of people discuss vehicle purchases on social media. This number has increased year on year from only 14% in 2014.

At Dealerships, it is essential that you listen to people who interact with your brand because, in many situations, purchasing decisions are often influenced by discussions online.

  • Analyze Sentiment Value based on Positive, Negative or Neutral score
  • What do they like/dislike about the product
  • what do they think should be improved?
  • How do they talk about your product in the social media?
  • And etc.



Microsoft Social Engagement is a tool that provides an organization with the ability to collect, organize, and analyze trends in people’s comment. Insights will be gathered according to the setup rules, keywords, and phrases.

With Microsoft Social Engagement fully integrated with Technosoft Yana Dealer Management System (DMS), automotive dealerships can collect automotive related information such as

  1. Sentiment & public perception about my campaign / event
  2. Sentiment & public perception about my dealership services
  3. Sentiment & public perception on which model is the trend now?
  4. The location statistics of the commenters, etc
  5. Automatically create a lead in Yana when the commenters show some interest in the products or services offered by your dealership
  6. Automatically create cases in Yana when the commenters show a negative reaction



The tool will continuously scan all the post that matches the key phrases and grouped them into categories on a daily basis. Built-in with adaptive learning capabilities and automated rules, dealers can gain insight into competitors and be alerted to any potential purchases and potential cases/customer care concern which will help dealers to better react to customer need. With Social Media Relationship, your dealership can connect and engage with your customers in a very personal way, hence building strong on-brand experience and loyalty to your dealers.



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