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Determining which leads are good fit can be challenging in almost every organization/dealership. Sales and marketing struggles to decide which leads they should invest times and resources to allow the team to work more efficiently. One of the reasons for these struggles are because of limited information of the leads, most of the time only name and contact details when we first generate the leads.

With Lead Scoring functionality from Yana Dealer Management System, a flexible scoring model allow dealerships to configure a combination of multiple conditions to calculate scores for each of the leads that are available. With these scores, we can quickly identify and prioritize leads that are ready and have more chances of converting them into sales.

You can put on hold,

  • leads that are just at the initial stage of finding out what type vehicle they are interested in
  • leads that are just shopping for price comparison
  • leads that do not have necessary budget

and put more focus on

  • leads that are interacting and very responsive to your data from your websites/brand
  • leads that has always been following your websites/brand
  • leads that has been eye-ing on certain vehicle model for many times and interacting with the same models within a short period of time
  • leads that are existing customers

If lead scoring is done and structured well, organization/dealerships can gain benefits which include

  • more effective marketing that targeted to ideal customer
  • increased sales and revenue
  • prevent time loss by giving priority to leads that are sales ready


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