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Many automotive dealerships already adapted to the growing demand of millennial customers by providing customer engagement across multiple channels such as emails, chats, social media, etc. However, very few are truly omnichannel.

So are you Multi-Channel or OMNI Channel?

Many think the terms are synonymous but there is difference between the two. Multichannel simply means you offer customers more than one access channel but they don’t work together in a unified way due to the lack of integration which results in repetitive information and disjointed communication.  Omnichannel therefore comes into picture to solve these disjointed communications by providing unified and seamless experience across all the channels supported. Customers can start a conversation from any channel, anytime and your in-house support agent should be able to view and respond to these conversations in a single platform simultaneously at the same time have access to customer profiles and histories of conversations.

In Technosoft, we provide customer centric digital transformation solution to automotive dealers. With our latest addition of Yana OMNI Channel Customer Service, not only your dealership representative can engage with your customers for marketing & sales activities across multiple channels but at the same time also allowing your support agent to  receive and respond to all customer’s queries in one place regardless of which channel the customer is engaging with you such as Live Chat, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, LINE, emails, phone calls, etc. This is the true OMNI Channel, providing a single, seamless and unified experience across every digital channels to both your customers and internal support agent

Yana OMNI Channel Customer Service also comes together with configurable agent scripts, knowledge managements and built-in KPI capability, allowing you to not only measure and analyse support performance across various channels but you can also measure your support agent efficiencies and achievements at the same time.

Omnichannel Support has become the new benchmark for providing excellent customer service. Ensuring that the customer receives a consistent, efficient and optimized service no matter which channel is very important and by providing seamless service, it can be a big win in customer satisfaction. As organizations face a more connected, more distributed customer base, they must address the changing requirements of a new generation of interaction between contact center agents and consumers while maintaining a consistent brand experience.



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