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As an Automotive Sales representative, sometimes you need to interact with leads who you have never met or talked. So, it can be difficult to turn these interactions into vehicle sales.

To help in these situations, Yana Automotive Solution provides a feature known as Who Knows Whom. This feature provides you with details such as names and email addresses of your colleagues who know the lead. With these details, you can contact your colleagues for help with getting introduced to a lead. Such introduction can increase the chances of a positive outcome during the interaction.

How does it work?

Who knows Whom relationships are calculated from the communication and collaboration patterns of users in your Microsoft Exchange environment. This data helps connect you to other users within your Microsoft Exchange environment that can help facilitate a connection.

In Yana, Contacts or leads that are external to your Microsoft Exchange organization can be queried.

What information is available?

For each lead, we can see information of the contacts who know the lead. These contacts are the people in your organization who have communicated with the lead through calls and emails. A maximum of five contacts are displayed for a lead. So, we can use these contacts to sell vehicle. These contacts are displayed based on the most communication with the lead.

When you select a contact, details of the contact are displayed along with the strength of connection to a lead.

As a sales personnel, if you would like to get introduced to the lead, you can send an email to the selected contact which will opens an email with a default request to introduce the lead.

It is also possible to see these contacts in List view.  The contacts are displayed based on the connection strength. Connections whose strength is strong are displayed first, followed by other connection strengths.

Yana who knows whom feature definitely help your sales representative to sell more vehicle and give better experience to your customers.


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