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Technosoft Technology Update virtual event “Customer-Centric Automotive Retail Solution Demo Day” was organized and hosted by Technosoft team on Sept 22, 2020.

The objectives of the webinar were to showcase the latest release of our Automotive Retail Business Solutions and how these technologies and business solutions can facilitate as catalysts for our clients in the digital transformation journey.

Overview and Topics of Discussion

Mr. Fredy Tan, CEO & Founder, Technosoft Automotive, started the webinar by providing an overview of how COVID-19 is significantly impacting the Automotive retail industry and why the dealers are forced to reimage their customer journeys from building awareness, sales and after-sales services due to social distancing, restrictions and safety of their customers.


Key Takeaways

Through the discussion about this topic, Next Generation Customer-Centric Automotive Retail Solution in the webinar, Technosoft demonstrated the Automotive Retail Solutions and provided many new insights on how to adopt new technologies into digital transformation journey. By having this digital transformation, Automotive businesses are allowed to re-engineer the key business operations to transform into a more customer-centric organization throughout this pandemic.

1. Understanding Emerging Customer Behaviour Trends to Create a Personalized Customer Journey.

Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the next-generation marketing technology, aims to consolidate all customer data from various enterprise application platforms into a unified, centralized database for further customer insight and driven AI Marketing purposes. By using Dynamics 365 Customer Insight, marketing personnel can analyze deeper real time-insights of the data via machine learning tools at every stage of the customer journey to predict customer intent, churn and best of actions recommendations.

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Customer Data Platform (CDP)

2. Engaging With Prospects and Vehicle Owners in the New Post-COVID-19 Era.

The Digital Customer Experience (CX) is very much in line with the company’s success, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With the ever-demanding consumers buying habits, Auto Dealers have to find innovative ways to identify the right audience segment, audience buying preferences and habits, predictive analysis of what consumer will purchase, and the targetted marketing message across the various marketing channels. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing application will be an ideal and strategic tool for companies to introduce innovative and engaging marketing solution to their consumers radically.

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Digital Marketing Technologies

3. Leverage on ML & AI for Communication Efficiency and Productivity.

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the major business trends today, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. By having Microsoft Power Virtual Agent in the Automotive Business Solutions, our clients can leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve communication efficiency and productivity in their organization. Microsoft Power Virtual Agent allows them to quickly and easily create a virtual agent with just a few clicks. After the virtual agent is created, they can define the utterances intents and entities easily.

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Microsoft Power Virtual Agent

4. Boosting Omnichannel Touchpoints to Increase Customer Engagement in Social Distancing Times.

Understand the key expectations of your modern customers and the strategic ways of applying these expectations in their company goals, is very crucial, especially during the pandemic. Boosting Omnichannel Touchpoints will be a beneficial strategy to overcome all the challenges facing by your organization to deliver these expectations.

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Key Highlights of Omnichannel

5. Ensure Operational Agility Anytime, Anywhere With Automation and Modern App.

Power platform and low code development develop solutions based on entities and attribute that dealerships and OEMs commonly leverage for customer experience and other business processes.

There are a bunch of changes happening across all industries, especially for the enterprise application development, BI and automation. In the next five years, there will be more new application development than in the last 40 years. The demand for the mobile application is growing 5x faster than IT departments can provide it. Our clients can leverage Microsoft Power Apps for better customer experience and business processes.

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Power Platform & Low Code Development

6. Mind Share Over Market Share – Increase Loyalty and Advocacy Through Customer Voice.

A survey has shown that in today’s market, it is essential for every business to stay connected to their customers and to provide them with a best in class customer experience. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice embedded in our Automotive Business Solutions allows our clients to keep track of the customer metrics that matter to their businesses based on survey data, and act rapidly to solve the surface problems.

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Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

7. How Data & Analytics Can Help Dealers Transform & Adapt to the New Challenges of a Post-COVID World.

The current global pandemic has caused numerous challenges to many businesses around the world. According to Accenture, COVID-19 is disrupting the global automotive value chain. Many OEMs and part suppliers are not able to return to full production capacity. The delay in production and delivery has impacted the Automotive market at multiple levels. Data analytic is essential for all the Automotive businesses to understand how to adapt quickly and take advantage of digital disruption.

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Reporting and Analytics



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