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Yana Mobile Sales App boost sales performance

Yana Mobile Sales app empowering your salesperson with a mobility tool to engage closer with customers and sell more cars anytime anywhere.

As automotive competition increases, it is crucial that salespersons need to stay on the top to be able to boost the sales performance of a car dealership. Mobile sales application enables your salespersons to engage with car buyers anytime anywhere. Especially millennial car buyers, they expect high efficiency and transparency when dealing with car dealerships and salespersons.


Technosoft Yana Sales App is a user-friendly mobile application designed for salesperson to be able to perform their daily task more efficiently and effectively on-the-road. With Yana Sales App,

  • Salesperson no longer need to write all the information on a piece of paper
  • Salesperson no longer need to wait until they are back to the dealership to submit the prospect and sales activities information
  • Salesperson no longer need to navigate through complex system to enter data
  • Salesperson can input the information on-the-spot at anywhere anytime with easy to use, intuitive mobile application
  • Sales Manager can get real-time update on every information entered by salespersons
  • Administration task are greatly reduced with the reduction of papers, increase accuracy and readiness of data.


Yana Mobile Sales App boost sales performance


Yana Sales App Key Features

  1. Stay Up-To-Date with Activities
  • Salesperson can view & update their daily task/activities at their fingertips.
  • Create new appointment and sync to mobile calendar
  • Basic Lead & Contact information on-the-go


  1. Simplify administrative complexities
  • View, Capture, Qualify and Manage Leads & Opportunities via mobile. Managers keep up-to-date with the latest information of the prospect
  • Create Lead profile directly from mobile at roadshows/events.
  • Qualify Opportunity via mobile


  1. Create Quotation
  • Select Vehicle, Add accessories, Create & Print Sales Quotation via mobile


  1. Materials On-The-Go
  • Share product presentations, pictures, brochures, and promotional videos.


  1. Real-Time Salesperson Performance Dashboard (Leads, Opportunities, Activities)
  • See the daily task achievement


  1. Salesperson Location Tracking
  • Track where is your salesperson


  1. Offline Capability
  • Less-worry if the internet connectivity drops


Yana Mobile Sales App seamlessly integrate with Yana Dealer Management System (DMS) based on Dynamics 365, providing unified experience and streamline workflow for sales organization at dealerships.  Yana Mobile Sales App can also be integrated with other Dealer Management System through integration services.  Your customers will appreciate from the efficient customer service and organized sales process that is offered by your salespeople through Yana Mobile Sales App.



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