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Traditionally advertisements and billboards are enough to get consumers head into your dealership. Today, digital channels and changing of consumer expectations have transformed the automotive industry where consumers are researching a car online even before stepping foot in a dealership.

Innovate customer experience in your dealership to meet the changing consumer expectations with Technosoft Yana, a complete automotive solution to drive digital transformation in automotive retail businesses.


Out-of-the-box Business Process Flow (BPF) by Microsoft



A Business Process Flow (BPF) is a tool meant to help guide users through a business process in the system. It composes of Stages and in within each stage there are Steps to complete. BPF requires users to complete certain steps before they can proceed to the next stage.


With BPF features in Technosoft Yana, automotive brands/retailers can tailor personalized consumer brand experience, and have it enforced across different geographical location. Some examples of personalization.

  • Personalize customer experience by the brand
  • Personalize customer experience by the type of customers
  • Personalize customer experience by type of vehicle, etc

The concept of digital transformation in automotive retail personalization is to make the customer feel like the experience is unique for them. Luxury, VIP or even General Consumer who have options to visits different dealers can be assured they will always get the same experience of the brand regardless of where they go, leading to higher retention rate and higher revenue.


OMNI Channel

Most consumers have a smartphone where information is just right at their fingertips. Information about the dealership, the brand, the vehicle model reviews are readily available online. However, consumers do want to talk to expert and take car for a test drive. If dealers don’t nurture & engage these shoppers via digital channels, they lose the ability to influence and attract the customer.

With Technosoft Yana OMNI channel capability, automotive dealers have the advantage of being able to engage with consumer by offering a seamlessly integrated automotive shopping, buying and owning processes regardless of the channels in which consumer interacts.

  • Engaging consumer throughout the customer journey
  • Fully automated customer touchpoints across different channels

Automotive dealers who adapts OMNI Channel strategy, will not only serve the customer better but also able to reduce sales and marketing cost



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