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What is automotive customer experience?

In today’s business scenario, business groups often collaborate across departments while working on marketing campaigns, pursuing sales opportunities, and solving customer issues. Yana and Microsoft Teams integration allows you to speed up workflow, enabling anyone in an organization to view and collaborate on Yana records.

Using Teams integration, you can easily make and receive calls within Yana Automotive Solution’s platform, ultimately boosting work efficiency. For instance, sales representatives can share sales opportunities and customer history, while customer service representatives can share customer case records, troubleshooting process steps, and track follow-ups.

How does the Teams Collaboration feature work?

You can access all dynamics features within the Teams app like Adobe without switching applications. Yana and Teams integration is built based on the following pillars:

  • Collaborate Seamlessly: Invite anyone in your organization to view and collaborate on customer records within Teams’ chats or channels.
  • Accelerate Productivity: Enhance communication across the organization with functionality features, such as Meet, chat, call, and collaboration in Yana Automotive Solution.
  • Enhance Engagement: Connect related conversations with real-time contextual, suggest relevant chats, and capture customer sentiment to stay in tune with their needs.
  • Integrate Experiences: Increase audience engagement during and post events across multiple channels with different content.


You can connect a lead to start a chat, and all linked records will be part of the Teams conversation.

You can also do a recording in the Teams’ chat.

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