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Chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that leverages in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to interact with customers in a natural way.  Many leading companies are already effectively utilizing Chatbot and AI in their operations, taking their performance to a new level.

Yana chatbot, fully integrated with Yana Dealer Management System can be embedded into automotive dealers’ website, or web chat channels providing virtual assistance and customer care services to enhance customer experience. It streamlines interactions between customers and dealers services enabling dealers to service customer 24/7 throughout the day and increase customers satisfaction.


Services that can be achieved via Yana Chatbot for automotive dealers are

  • Information – Provides recommendations and answering general FAQ related to vehicle models, promotions, or store information.
  • Transaction – Provides transactional services such as allowing customers to book and receive information on test drives, quotations, service booking. Transactional chatbot collects customer contact information and store in Yana DMS automatically.


Yana chatbot provide interested car buyers an on-demand, personalized experience, Yana chatbot enable consumers to take control over their car buying experience and seamlessly glean the information they want, in the channel they want, whenever they want it.

On the dealer side, Yana chatbot can help take some of the stress off customer service agents by serving as the first line of contact with automotive shoppers, assisting with their needs and vetting the inquiry.

As auto dealerships look to invest in innovative ways to win shoppers over, Next Generation DMS with Chatbot and AI technology shouldn’t be overlooked. Today’s consumers are increasingly looking for more meaningful, personalized experiences and the auto industry will have to continue to evolve and embrace the future of car buying-humans and chatbot included.



Next Generation DMS with Chatbot and AI, Technosoft provides the platform and tools to help Digital Transformation in Automotive enabling automotive players to stay in line with the next generation customer service. Impressed your potential customers with advanced digital capabilities to improve customer acquisitions and satisfaction.



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