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Technosoft Automotive has taken a significant step towards expanding its global reach by introducing German, Thai, Vietnamese, and French languages to its website. This strategic move, timed with the growing interest from European and African markets, is a testament to our dedication to providing a seamless user experience across diverse linguistic backgrounds. This expansion not only broadens our customer base but also enhances our services, making them more accessible and user-friendly.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. With the current fiscal period ending in June, plans are already in motion to introduce another language option. Credit goes to our diligent marketing team for their unwavering dedication and efforts in making this endeavor a reality.

Recently, Ryohei Yoshijima, the COO of Technosoft Automotive, was a guest on a Power BI Weekly News special edition hosted by Microsoft MVP Yugo Shimizu. During the session, he emphasized adapting to modern business trends. He articulated a shift away from incessant sales pitches towards providing customers and the company with solutions aligned with contemporary needs. “We need to stop pushing products, solutions, and facts excessively,” he urged, stressing the significance of a workstyle reform that resonates with the current era.

Central to this initiative is the role of “reporting” and “analytics” in facilitating behavioural changes and decision-making within organizations, particularly in the age of AI. Recognizing the complexity of developing these tools from scratch, Ryohei san underscored the importance of leveraging standardized functions or those provided by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) like Technosoft Automotive.

The session commenced with a comprehensive overview of the latest features across Microsoft Dynamics 365 products and Yana Automotive Solution utilizing live demonstrations of various functionalities, including Dashboards, Charts/Lists, Reporting, and Analysis. The presentation departed from traditional formats, providing attendees with a unique and immersive experience.

Technosoft Automotive’s Service Booking solution, Yana’s UI/UX, was effortlessly showcased using Model-Driven Power Apps. This demonstration highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design.

Towards the latter part of the session, Ryohei san unveiled upcoming Microsoft events related to business applications, including the BC Launch Event, Microsoft Business Application Summit, AI Day in Osaka, and Microsoft Build. Additionally, he announced Technosoft Japan’s second seminar scheduled for May 30 at Microsoft Japan, demonstrating the company’s proactive approach to engagement and knowledge sharing within the industry.

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