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The recent seminar “Microsoft’s Initiatives and Prospects in the Automotive Sales Domain” left a lasting impression on all attendees. The seminar began with an exciting introduction to Japan Microsoft. CEO Satya emphasized Microsoft’s commitment to integrating AI functions into all its products, revolutionizing the industry. The presentation also showcased verified and implemented use cases of generative AI, demonstrating its transformative power. This revelation inspired all attendees, signaling a promising future for the automotive sales industry. Furthermore, the seminar delved into Mercedes-Benz’s Azure Open and its role in generating a summary of CARmax’s 11 years of vehicle and customer review information in a remarkably short time.

The seminar served as a platform for a thought-provoking discussion, shedding light on the evolving landscape of automobile sales and highlighting the potential for collaboration. The concept of “Microsoft Generative AI = Microsoft Copilot” resonated with many even after the seminar. Mr. Takeuchi’s enlightening session, packed with 140 slides delivered in just 50 minutes, offered invaluable insights into infrastructure domains, design patterns, and mechanisms for global expansion. This comprehensive recap not only deepened the attendees’ understanding of Microsoft’s initiatives and prospects in the automotive sales domain but also made them feel included and valued in the potential for collaboration.

In the first half, based on the case studies of Kubota Corporation’s 81 dealers in four countries, which had just been released the other day, we confirmed the critical points of DMS introduction in each project step with DMS and participants. The second half of the seminar was titled “Thinking about the Future of Dealership.” With the advent of Tesla, the emergence of Chinese EVs in Southeast Asia, the emergence of agent sales models overseas, and the increasing number of dealers moving toward multi-brand and rental/leasing, the automotive industry is entering a “100-year era of great change”. What will dealers look like in the future? A heated debate ensued.

The second seminar held by Technosoft Japan has concluded. The seminar raised awareness among attendees about the potential for global expansion and deepened their understanding of design patterns. It also paved the way for collaborative efforts. The event has set the stage for future innovation and growth in the automotive sales domain, with the ideas and initiatives shared in the seminar serving as a catalyst for shaping the future of the automotive industry. This seminar inspired and motivated all attendees, igniting their passion for a digital transformation journey in the automotive sales industry.

The next event will take place in six months, and we are eager to welcome you all back with an exciting new project.

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