Technosoft Yana Used Vehicle Module

Compete on a New Level with Technosoft Yana : Drive Customer Value for Your Used Vehicle Business 3 times more people buy used vehicles than new ones. Indeed, in today’s dynamic economic conditions, buying a used vehicle is a cost-effective alternative

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Technosoft Yana Service Module

Make Each Customer a VIP: Building Exceptional Service Experiences With Technosoft Yana Service Module Technosoft Yana Service Module, Your service department can be and should be your biggest revenue source and profit center. It boils down to how you are building

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Technosoft Yana Sales Force Automation Module

Holistic Customer Visibility: Build Loyalty and Increase Recurring Revenue Technosoft Yana Sales Force, You are selling a car but your customer is buying an experience. Today’s sophisticated customers are more knowledgeable and expect more from you before they part with their

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Technosoft Yana Module

Delivering Next-Generation Automotive Innovation Technosoft Yana Module, The automotive business is no longer about selling and servicing vehicles anymore. The rise in mobile technologies and social media relationship has reshaped the way people buy vehicles. Instead of going directly to a

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