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Yana Service module integrated with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, enabling technicians to work together in solving complex problems.

In today’s business world, automotive technicians deal with many different model vehicles. It is not easy to solve problems in real time. They require more expertise to solve issues, especially if they need to deliver services by  location. Technicians can remotely share a real-time view with experts to obtain the required support and stay hands-free on HoloLens or Yana Remote Assist Mobile.

By integrating with Power Platform, the Yana Service module allows sharing exact critical details with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, eliminating the need for integration and working on two separate systems.

Yana Automotive Solution always strives to offer the best technology to automotive dealers with a best-in-class customer experience.

Communication between customers and technicians is essential.

The primary challenge technicians face daily is the complexity of vehicles, especially dealing with hundreds of cars. They can acquire assistance from the corporate headquarters (HQ) regarding problems that can not be figured out, especially in field service. However, every case will take time due to the team’s availability.

Yana Service module incorporated with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, empowering technicians to conduct live-view inspections vastly and remotely in multiple locations. Ultimately, this intelligent feature boosts customer satisfaction.

Combining the Yana Service module with Dynamics 365 Remote Assist proposes a cost-effective, game-changer automotive solution for the automotive after-sales service.


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