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Yana MySales offers a comprehensive view of your pipeline opportunities and helps you manage your deals more efficiently. With numerous deals to handle, it’s essential to quickly assess your sales pipelines and determine the next agreement to follow up on.

To access the opportunity pipeline view, click “Opportunity” in the sidebar navigation, then click on the “Show As” button and switch the view to pipeline view. This will give you an overview of the key KPIs and stats, allowing you to see where you stand. You can use the charts to quickly gain insights into the status of deals and identify any at-risk opportunities.

Everyone on your sales team can quickly get an overview of what’s happening, customize the view to meet their needs, and save time and energy by drilling into details without leaving the page.

The funnel chart not only provides a comprehensive view of your deals in all stages, but also assures you of a well-balanced mix. The deal tracker Bubble chart, with its ability to swiftly identify potential issues in deals closing soon, instills a sense of control and confidence in your team.

A fleet management deal is scheduled to close on the first of January, with an opportunity score of 78. You can quickly check the activities and review any notes. There is also a task to review a quotation today. You can quickly review it and move on to the next task.

For longer-running deals, the inline edit functionality in the grid helps ensure that your opportunities are current and accurately forecasted.

You can customize this view according to your preferences. For instance, you can include and arrange by forecast category to quickly assess and modify. If you are confident that one of your pipeline deals will be completed next week, you can update the forecast category to “Committed“.

Furthermore, if a committee deal needs your attention and there is an upcoming meeting, but some essential updates still need to be included, you can update the missing data and progress the opportunity sales process. Doing so will provide a more accurate representation of the deal’s status for this committed opportunity. Yana MySales allows for easy management of your opportunities by providing quick access to the necessary information and enabling effortless action.


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